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Tulip Ceramic & Clay Planter Kit Rainbow Bliss

Create a colorful custom planter with the Tulip Rainbow Bliss Ceramic & Clay Kit! Includes 1 ceramic planter, 6 air dry clays (Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue), 3 sculpting tools, and project guide. Pinch, coil, roll, knead, and build one-of-a-kind clay icons for a totally personalized planter. Clays will set once dry, no baking needed!

Item # : 48635

Aleene's DIY Craft Outdoor Adhesive

Aleene’s DIY Craft Outdoor Adhesive is a flexible, fast-setting, clear contact adhesive that creates a strong and permanent bond. This industrial-strength adhesive bonds a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces including metal, glass, plastic, wood, fabric, tile, stone, paper, and more! Fast drying formula dries clear and is water and UV resistant.

Item # : 49050

Aleene's No-Sew Temporary Fabric Glue Sticks 2 Pack

Aleene's No-Sew Temporary Fabric Glue Sticks are a great solution for quick fashion fixes, quilting design and layout, and other sewing projects! This clear formula glue stick applies with ease and won’t leave residue on your fabrics. Only for temporary use – washes out when fabrics are washed. Features 2 (.28 oz.) No-Sew Temporary Fabric Glue Sticks.

Item # : 49041

Tulip Leather Paint Classic 4 Pack

Turn your leather crafts into a work of art with Tulip Leather Paint! This nontoxic paint dries permanently on leather and suede surfaces with a soft and flexible bond so they won’t crack or crumble with movement. The Classic 4 pack includes 3 (2 fl. oz.) Leather Paints in a rich neutral palette plus 1 (2 fl. oz.) gloss topcoat for a shiny finish.

Item # : 49198

Tulip Photo Transfer Kit

Add personalized photos to your fabric DIYs with the Tulip Photo Transfer Kit! Includes 1 (4 fl. oz.) bottle of Photo Transfer Medium, smoothing tool, sponge, and brush. This easy-to-use kit is great for creating custom T-shirts, tote bags, and more with your favorite photos!

Item # : 49197

Tulip DIY Shoe Decorating Kit

Add fun color to your wardrobe with the Tulip DIY Shoe Decorating Kit! Kit includes 4 fabric markers (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue), 2 squeeze bottles containing dye (Royal Blue, Sky), 2 cotton shoelaces, 2 protective gloves, and project guide. Customize your kicks with vibrant tie-dye color and custom drawn designs!

Item # : 48208

Tulip Air Dry Clay Box of Rainbows 47 pc Kit

Create colorful clay projects with the Tulip Air Dry Clay Box of Rainbows! Includes 40 air dry clays plus 3 clay molds, 3 sculpting tools, and project guide. These ultra-light clays are super soft, nontoxic, and easy to shape with no messy crumbling. Pinch, coil, roll, knead, and build one-of-a-kind clay icons!

Item # : 48610

Tulip Over the Rainbow 15-Color One-Step Tie Dye Kit

Get the total tie-dye experience with the Tulip Over the Rainbow 15-Color Tie-Dye Kit! Includes 15 (2.75 fl. oz.) One-Step Dyes in an essential palette (Blush, Fuchsia, Red, Pink, Salmon, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green, Mint, Sky, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Purple, Lavender) gloves, rubber bands, and project guide. Tie dye with all the colors of the rainbow!

Item # : 48073

Tulip Spin Art Tie-Dye Studio

Spin and swirl for a new twist on tie dye with Tulip’s Spin Art Tie-Dye Studio! Kit includes 6 packets of One-Step Dyes (2 each: Fuchsia, Yellow, Turquoise) plus gloves, rubber bands, pipettes, empty squeeze bottle, spin art machine, and project guide. Color placement will be unique every time— every project is a surprise!

Item # : 48175

Aleene's Insta-Fuse Fabric Fusion Thermo-Activated Instant Fabric Adhesive 4 fl. oz.

Aleene's Insta-Fuse Fabric Fusion provides an instant, heavy-duty bond once heat-set! Simply apply glue and iron for a permanent, industrial-strength bond. Great for quick fabric repairs, crafts, and DIYs.

Item # : 48367

Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paint Essentials 19-Pc. Kit

Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paints are formulated exclusively for fabrics, drying with an ultra-soft and flexible bond so they won’t crack or crumble with movement. The Essentials Pack has an essential collection of fabric paints for your colorful crafts! Includes 10 (.16 fl. oz.) Brush-On Fabric Paint Pots, 2 (2 fl. oz.) Paint Bottles, and 2 paintbrushes.

Item # : 48457

Tulip Painted by Me Pet Bowl Painting Kit

Paint a custom bowl for your pet with Tulip’s Painted By Me Pet Bowl Painting Kit! Kit includes 1 ceramic bowl, 8 (.05 fl. oz) paint pots (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold, Silver, Black), and 1 paintbrush. Paint is microwave, dishwasher, and food safe after baking.

Item # : 48458

Tulip Painted by Me Mug Painting Kit 4 Pack

Paint a unique collection of colorful mugs with Tulip’s Painted By Me Mug Painting Kit! Kit includes 4 ceramic mugs, 8 (.05 fl. oz) paint pots (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold, Silver, Black), and 4 paintbrushes. Paint is microwave, dishwasher, and food safe after baking.

Item # : 48459

Tulip Painted by Me Buds & Blossoms 4-Pc. Mug Kit

Paint feel-good florals on every mug with Tulip’s Painted by Me Buds & Blossoms Mug Painting Kit! Includes 4 textured ceramic mugs, 8 (.05 fl. oz) paint pots (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold, Silver, Black), and 4 paintbrushes. Paint is microwave, dishwasher, and food safe after baking. Color in the textured designs for effortlessly artistic mugs!

Item # : 48460

Aleene's DIY Craft Heavy-Duty Adhesive 4 fl. oz.

This industrial-strength adhesive is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications and permanently bonds a variety of surfaces. Non-foaming and low odor formula dries clear, and is UV and water resistant.

Item # : 48461

Tulip Tempera Paint Sticks 30 pack

Tulip Tempera Paint Sticks are a mess-free alternative for your painting projects— no water or brush needed! This value pack includes 30 (0.35 oz) Tempera Paint Sticks in a must-have palette of classic, metallic, and neon colors. Great for paper, wood, and cardboard crafts!

Item # : 48523

Tulip Spray Tie-Dye Kit 8 Pack

Experience an easier way to tie dye with the Tulip Rainbow Spray Tie-Dye Kit! Includes 8 (2 fl. oz.) ready-to-use spray dyes in a classic rainbow palette (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Pink) plus project guide. Instantly add vibrant tie-dye color to your wardrobe— just shake and spray on the bold, beautiful color!

Item # : 48570

Tulip Sweet Life 16-Pc. Stationery Kit

Tulip Sweet Life Stationery Kit is full of colorful stationery accessories! Includes 5 stackable unicorn-shaped crayons, 5 bear-shaped highlighters, 3 Popsicle-shaped erasers, 2 cute paper clips and 1 heart-shaped notepad. These fun stationery accessories are reminiscent of cool 1980’s style and will add cute pastel color to journals, planners, paper crafts and more!

Item # : 48587

Tulip Fabric Dye Pod Blackout (Black)

Add color to your fabrics with Tulip Fabric Dye Pods! These easy-to-use pods are great for dyeing larger projects— just toss into the wash with salt for allover, even coverage! Recommended for use with High Efficiency washing machines only. Includes 1 Blackout (black) Fabric Dye Pod.

Item # : 48588

Tulip Tempera Paint 12-Color Kit

Add vibrant color to your crafts with Tulip Tempera Paint! This 12-pack includes 12 (3.3 fl. oz.) Tempera Paint pouches in a must-have palette of classic colors plus 2 paintbrushes. Nontoxic and washable. Great for school classroom projects, crafts, posters, and more!

Item # : 48607

Tulip Garden Buds 6-Pc. Ornament Painting Kit

Paint your own colorful ceramic ornaments with the Tulip Garden Buds Ornament Painting Kit! Kit includes 6 ceramic ornaments, 6 hanging ribbons, 12 (.16 fl. oz) paint pots (Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Dark Green, Light Green, Blue, Light Purple, Purple, Black, White), and 2 paintbrushes.

Item # : 48608

Tulip Daydream 2-Pc. Figurine Painting Kit

Customize your own fantasy figurines with the Tulip Daydream Figurine Painting Kit! Kit includes 2 plaster figurines, 12 (.16 fl. oz) paint pots (Light Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Black, White, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver), and 2 paintbrushes.

Item # : 48609

Tulip Stitch Paint Positivity Kit

Create cross stitch inspired designs with Tulip Stitch Paint! The Positivity 8-Pack includes 8 (1.1 fl. oz.) paints (Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, White), 8 precision tips, 2 pattern transfer sheets, and project guide. Stitch Paints mimic the look and feel of needlework so that you can create intricate designs in a fraction of the time!

Item # : 48727

Tulip Dazzling Glitter Fabric Paint Stardust Combo Pack

Tulip Fabric Paints are nontoxic and dry permanent, flexible and washable with sparkling color that stands out on every project! The Dazzling Glitter Stardust combo pack includes 2 (1 fl. oz.) Brush-On (Gold, Silver) and 2 (1 fl. oz.) Dimensional Fabric Paints (Pink Sapphire, Violet, Blue Zircon) with an ultra-sparkly finish.

Item # : 48737

Tulip Puff Paint Metallic Gold 4 fl. oz. 3 Pack

Get creative in shiny 3D!

Item # : 48827

Tulip Puff Paint Glow Natural 4 fl. oz. 3 Pack

Get creative in glow-in-the-dark 3D!

Item # : 48828

Tulip Puff Paint Glitter Gold 4 fl. oz. 3 Pack

Get creative in glittery 3D!

Item # : 48829

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