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Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint Matte 1.25 fl oz 6 Pack

Includes 6 dimensional fabric paints in a rainbow of colors!

Item # : 15553

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint Neon & Glow Slick 1.25 fl. oz. 6 Pack

Includes 5 Slick neon and 1 glow-in-the dark fabric paints.

Item # : 19674

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint Glow 1.25 fl oz 6 Pack

Get creative in glow-in-the-dark 3D!

Item # : 29025

Neon 6 Pack

Item # : 29027

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint Wildflowers .75 fl. oz. 10 Pack

Nature-inspired colors for dimensional designs!

Item # : 46052

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint Slick Pastels 10 Pack

Ten .75 fl. oz. bottles of nature-inspired colors in a shiny finish: Butterfly Wings, Valentine, Cotton Candy, Summer Fling, Sunrise, Surf’s Up, Mermaid, Sea Glass, Limeade and Mellow Yellow.

Item # : 47299

Tulip Fluffy Paint Serene Kit

Mix, layer, and explore textures with super fluffy paint! The Tulip Serene Fluffy Paint Kit has everything you need to create colorful, dimensional art. Includes 5 (1.85 fl. oz.) tubes of fluffy whipped paints (Coral, Light Yellow, Sky Blue, Periwinkle, Light Pink), paintbrush, palette knife, and applicator tips.

Item # : 48062

Tulip Puff Paint Pastels Shiny .75 fl oz 10 Pack

Get creative with dimensional Puff Paint!

Item # : 47229

Tulip Puff Paint Essentials .75 fl oz 10 Pack

Great creative with dimensional Tulip Puff Paint!

Item # : 47590

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint Glow .75 fl. oz. 10 Pack

The Tulip Glow in the Dark Puff Paint 10 Pack is stocked with 10 (.75 fl. oz.) nontoxic Puff Paints in bright glowing colors (2 Natural, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Gray). Tulip Puff Paints dry permanent, flexible and machine washable with fun dimensional texture that stands out on every project!

Item # : 44417